To the Outer Moons

Commission opportunity for wind ensemble

  • Grade level – 4
  • **(this project is in the very early stages – some details may change)
  • Duration – between 5-7 minutes
  • Buy-in – $250 (OK to split into two payments)
  • Instrumentation – suitable for high school wind ensemble – on the smaller side – see score sample
  • Timeline – the performance period will be during the 2024/25 school year

TO THE OUTER MOONS is a science fantasy thrill ride, built for fun.  It leans a little bit to the quirky side – colorful, melodic and slightly off-center harmonically.  The rhythm is a fast marching feel, and the themes are big, iconic and in-your-face.  The center section (still under construction at this point) breaks down to a smaller instrumentationto take advantage of some of the more colorful aspects of the wind ensemble.

The piece is built and conceived as a level 4 work – suitable to the high school level. The instrumentation is on the smaller side with lots of doubling so that all parts will be covered.

Score sample (rough – work in progress, in the early stages)

Questions?? Let’s talk – send me an email at